Our First Show – Discussing the Tri-County Area at the Confluence of Three Tourism Regions

I cannot tell you which Monday in February, yet (soon…very soon). But, I can now tell you a bit about our first show.

I will be interviewing the Tourism Officers of the three counties at the confluence of The Southern Hills, The Virginia Mountains, and The Blue Ridge Highlands, three unique regions, according to the Virginia Tourism Office.

Joining me for my first show will be (from right to left) Franklin County Tourism Officer David Rotenizer, Patrick County Tourism Officer Sandra Puckett, (that’s me, Rambling Rocky Rockwell in the center), and Martinsville-Henry County Acting Tourism Officer Beth Stinnett, discussing tourism across the three counties that they represent. Also with us to assist (far left) is Patrick County Administrator Tom Rose. It’s going to be a great show. You won’t want to miss it.

I will get the time and date to you as soon as I can lock it in.  In the meantime, keep on rambling!

Rocky’s Ramblings, Monday Evenings on BTW21 – Starting in February!

Here at Rocky’s Ramblings, we’re working out the bugs, lining up sponsors and getting ready to start broadcasting. Our goal is to be on the air starting early February. Watch for us on BTW21, prime time Monday evenings! We will also post our broadcasts right here , on http://RockysRamblings.com, and on our companion Facebook page. Please go in and ‘Like’and ‘Follow’ us there. We’ll also post our shows on both BTW21’s Facebook page and their website, BTW21.com .

On our first show, I will be interviewing the Tourism Officers of Henry County, Franklin County, and Patrick County. We’ll discuss our new show, our goal of encouraging people to get and explore, and then start introducing the many, many places to go, things to see, and events to attend right here in our beautiful piece of this great country.

If you would like to see us highlight a particular place to go, thing to see or event to attend, please send me a message here or send me an e:mail to: RockysRamblings@gmail.com.

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Cover-to-Cover Reading at Rocky’s Ramblings!

For all of us Rambling souls, the 2017 Virginia Travel Guide is cover-to-cover reading. Get yours now and start planning your own ramblings for the year. You can either click on the link above, or drop in to the Martinsville-Henry County Visitor Center. Tell them that Rocky sent you!

As you make your rambling plans, send me a note about any places or events you would like to know more about. I’ll try to schedule an interview or an on-air site visit to get the inside story for you.


Hello world!

Welcome to Rocky’s Ramblings! Please be patient as we build this website in anticipation of the start of our new show on

    in Collinsville, Virginia.

We hope to be on the air in about a month.

This new show will be based on interviewing owners/operators of places to go, things to see, and events to attend.

As we move forward, if you are such an owner/operator, or if there is a place or event that you would like to learn more about, please send a note directly to me: Rocky@RockysRamblings.com

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Philpott Lake: A Cherished Natural Resource Gem in the Shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia

With camping, fishing, swimming, boating and just plain relaxing, you can see why Philpott Lake is a cherished natural resource where Henry, Franklin and Patrick Counties meet . It is also the gateway to three tourism regions in Virginia: The Southern Hills, The Virginia Mountains, and The Blue Ridge Highlands.

If you have sites or events you would like to have highlighted  on our new show, please send information to me: Rocky@RockysRamblings.com