Rocky Rambles Over to Stuart, Virginia to Talk with Clyde Crissman, Patrick County Director of Recreation and Patty Hazelwood, Part-Owner of Wayside Park

This was a fun show to record, talking with Clyde about the County’s park system and all the activities going on in Patrick County. That led to a special treat, chatting with Patty Hazelwood about the park that her family and two other families allow the community to use for special events.

Click here for More Information:

Patrick County Parks and Recreation.

A list of Parks in Patrick County.

Activities at Wayside Park.

Phone numbers for:

Reservation of Shelters in Patrick County Parks – 276-694-3917.

Events at Wayside Park – Patty Hazelwood – (276) 692-4149.

Defensive Driving Tip For This Week:

As you approach an intersection, if the light turns yellow and you CAN stop safely, do so. If you’re running a light that is yellow – maybe turning to red, you are focused on getting through, not on what else might be happening in the intersection. There may be someone jumping the gun from one of the other directions.

And, as always, make sure you are driving a safe, well-maintained vehicle to do your own Rambling!


Rocky Interviews Roger Adams, Director of Parks & Recreation for Henry County, Virginia

This week, Rocky talked with Roger Adams about Philpott Marina, other County Parks, and the Recreation Program run by the County Parks program.  Hey, notice the new Intro to the show!

For more information!

Henry County Parks and Recreation

Next week, Rocky will interview Clyde Crissman, the Recreation Director of Patrick County, Virginia.

Defensive Driving Tip For This Week:

As you drive, leave a safe distance between behind the car ahead of you. Use the 2 second rule. Pick a landmark – a pothole, a marking – as the car ahead of you passes this spot, count ‘One-Thousand-One, One-Thousand-Two’. If you cross the same spot before you finish One-Thousand-Two, you’re TOO CLOSE. Back off and try it again. See you next week. Remember, if the car ahead of you has to stop or makes some other move suddenly, it will take you a second or two AT BEST to react and respond, even if you’re paying close attention.

Rocky Interviews Patrick, Henry and Franklin County Tourism Officers Separately

Our second episode has now aired on BTW21! You can watch the entire episode right here. In this episode, I am interviewing the Tourism Officers of the three counties surrounding Philpott Lake. In the last episode, I interviewed them all together. In this episode I am interviewing them each separately, concentrating on tourism for each of the three counties.

For more information on places to go, things to do and events to attend, here are the tourism websites for each of the three highlighted counties.

Martinsville-Henry County Tourism
Franklin County Tourism
Patrick County Tourism
Virginia State Tourism Office
Virginia State Travel Guide

Defensive Driving Tip For This Week:

Keep your headlights on in anything less than ideal lighting. Remember that your car insurance can only help you after an accident. The best insurance you can buy to help AVOID an accident is to keep your headlights on to make sure that other drivers can see you.

Rocky Interviews Tourism Officers from three Virginia Counties: Henry, Patrick and Franklin Counties

Our first show is ‘in the can’ and online! Watch Rocky interview the tourism officers of three Viriginia Counties: Beth Stinnett, Martinsville-Henry County, Sandra Puckett, Patrick County, and David Rotenizer, Franklin County. In this first episode, we look at tourism from a regional perspective and how this new show will help promote tourism in this unique region in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains! In our second episode, Rocky will interview the same three tourism officers, but looking at each county separately.

For more information from these three tourism sources:

Martinsville-Henry County Tourism
Franklin County Tourism
Patrick County Tourism
Virginia State Tourism Office
Virginia State Travel Guide

Defensive Driving Tip For This Week:

Virginia State law requires that if your windshield wipers are on, you should have your headlights on, as well. Remember, any conditions that would require use of your windshields reduces light conditions. Your headlights are the best way to assure that other drivers can see you.

Yes! Rocky’s Ramblings Will Air Our First Show 7:00 p.m. Monday Evening, February 6, 2017!!

At Rocky’s Ramblings, we have been working madly with the BTW21 team to get our show on the air. It’s finally happening! We still have a few details to finish up. But, we will be ready for our first show to air at 7:00 p.m. NEXT Monday, and every Monday following!

Not only that, but Monday evening’s show will be re-broadcast three times through the week:

Thursday mornings – 9:30 a.m.
Saturday evenings – 6:00 p.m.
Monday mornings – 10:00 a.m.

Once each show has aired, we will upload it to this website to be available to people outside the BTW21 viewing area.

Our first show will be an interview with the Tourism Officers of Martinsville-Henry County, Franklin County and Patrick County, which are at the confluence of The Southern Hills, The Virginia Mountains, and The Blue Ridge Highlands, three unique regions, according to the Virginia Tourism Office.

Joining me for my first show will be (from right to left) Franklin County Tourism Officer David Rotenizer, Patrick County Tourism Officer Sandra Puckett, (that’s me, Rambling Rocky Rockwell in the center), and Martinsville-Henry County Acting Tourism Officer Beth Stinnett, discussing tourism across the three counties that they represent. Also with us to assist (far left) is Patrick County Administrator Tom Rose.

We’ll be looking at tourism from a regional perspective – places to go, things to see and events to attend that are important to the whole tri-county area. I encourage you to tune in and start planning your next outing!