What If He Meant What He Said?

I was recently asked to fill the pulpit and lead online Bible studies on the Wednesdays on either side of that Sunday, while our local pastor and his wife took a well-deserved vacation. I chose my Title from a relatively new song by Mark Lowry that fit well with what I believe God has been helping me understand as I search for ways to share His Gospel in ways that help people see what Jesus meant when He told us that we need to be born-again, that He would give us life more abundantly, and what He expects of His followers.

Preceding Wednesday Bible Study: The Abundant Life Part 1

Sunday Sermon: What If Jesus Meant What He Said

Following Wednesday Bible Study: The Abundant Life Part 2

3 thoughts on “What If He Meant What He Said?”

  1. HiCraig!

    Just listened to The Abundant LIfe. Very good! I liked how you stuck with scripture and taught right out of it without maneuvering beyond that. Thank you! Keep it up!

    Leanne S.

    1. Hello, Leanne. Thank you for your comments and encouragement. Yes, I believe in strict adherence to Scripture, and working diligently to assure that Scripture is not being manipulated to say what we would like it to say. May God richly bless you with His abundance in 2021.


  2. I just listened twice to What if Jesus Meant What He said? It was a very clear message of the Gospel. Very, very good! Isn’t it awesome how the Lord brought our little pod of friends from grade school/high school to do His work? I think it is such a privilege to have been friends with you all. Kris, who was a missionary, Pam in the ministry, Tom sharing the gospel through theater, and now you using your speaking skills and love for the Lord in ministry. It is such a delight. The Lord is truly good!

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