This is my first effort to combine two shows into one half-hour episode of Rocky’s Ramblings. It just seemed that both are timely and important. So, join me in celebrating the anticipated re-opening of Jamison Mill Park within a month, and head out to enjoy Saturday morning community breakfasts. As you’ll see, my focus was the breakfasts put on by the local Ruritan Clubs. But, one of the larger breakfasts is put on by the Horse Pasture Volunteer Fire Department. Both organizations use the money they make to further their community support goals. So, get out there and support them by starting your weekends with a GREAT breakfast.

Let’s look first at the status of Jamison Mill Park. With the bridge finished and Franklin County Parks working with the US Army Corps of Engineers to lease it as a County Park, the park should RE-open before Memorial Day to the public after a few years of being closed.

Now, on to the Ruritan Saturday morning breakfasts. And, actually, I need to also include other community breakfasts, because the Horse Pasture Voluntary Fire Department holds a breakfast on the 4th Saturday of every month with much the same philosophy, and is looked at be neighboring Ruritan Clubs as such.

Here is the list of local Ruritan Club and VFD community Saturday morning breakfasts:

Spencer Ruritan – 40 George Taylor Rd, Spencer, VA – 1st Saturday of the month, November through May

Bassett Ruritan – 277 Philpott Dam Rd, Bassett, VA – 2nd Saturday, year-round

Sanville Ruritan – 3451 Stones Dairy Rd, Bassett, VA – 3rd Saturday, year-round

Horse Pasture Volunteer Fire Department – 17815 AL Philpott Highway, Ridgeway, VA – 4th

For more information about the Ruritan Clubs, Here’s their link: Ruritan National Clubs.

Head to your local Ruritan Breakfast to give yourself a good start to your weekend of rambling. As always, I encourage you to make sure you are driving a safe, well-maintained vehicle.

Here’s your Defensive Driving Tip for the week:

Speed Limits. We have them for a reason. Research shows that it is not so much speed that causes accidents on the road; rather the differences in speed between cars. If all drivers are driving within 5 miles per hour of each other, we are better able to decipher what’s happening around them. So, honor the speed limits and drive defensively!

Until my next episode, here’s wishing you SAFE RAMBLING!