This week, Rocky talked with Roger Adams about Philpott Marina, other County Parks, and the Recreation Program run by the County Parks program.  Hey, notice the new Intro to the show!

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Henry County Parks and Recreation

Next week, Rocky will interview Clyde Crissman, the Recreation Director of Patrick County, Virginia.

Defensive Driving Tip For This Week:

As you drive, leave a safe distance between behind the car ahead of you. Use the 2 second rule. Pick a landmark – a pothole, a marking – as the car ahead of you passes this spot, count ‘One-Thousand-One, One-Thousand-Two’. If you cross the same spot before you finish One-Thousand-Two, you’re TOO CLOSE. Back off and try it again. See you next week. Remember, if the car ahead of you has to stop or makes some other move suddenly, it will take you a second or two AT BEST to react and respond, even if you’re paying close attention.