The museum director, Carol Hart, does an eloquent, yet relaxed job of introducing this high quality, and beautiful, museum.  Watch the video, scroll through the information below, and make your plans to ramble on down to see it for yourself.

After viewing the video, I’m sure you would expect to  pay a hefty entrance fee to see this quality museum. But, it’s FREE. What a great place to take visitors to show off Greensboro, a community near the northern border of North Carolina.

You’ll want to scroll down below these important notes. I couldn’t figure out how to get all of the pictures I took into the show. But, I want to share them to give you an idea of just how beautiful, how well maintained, this museum really is. There are also stories that we just didn’t have time to put into the show.  So, read the notes, look through the pictures, go to the Greensboro History Museum website, and then make plans to ramble on over.

Here’s a map that will help you get directions.

2017 Special Events, with links, as Mentioned in the Show

Fun Fourth Festival – July 4, 1:00 -8:00 p.m. at the Greensboro History Museum

Fabulous Fifties Flashback July 8, 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

5 by O. Henry 2nd and 3rd Weekends of August (link is from 2016. 2017 details still pending)

National Folk Festival – Sept 8-10 – 2017 will be the Final Year of this event in Greensboro. The National Folk Festival moves to a new community every 3 years. Next year(2018) the festival will move to Salisbury, Maryland.

An aspect of the museum that we didn’t have time to cover is how you go about scheduling a Special Group Tours. If you are interested in scheduling a special tour for your group, click on the link.

Pictures that I couldn’t fit into the show.

This staircase is just one example of the beauty in this magnificent museum.




Furnishings from Belle Meade, a residence built in 1867 and torn down in 1954 were donated to the museum – beautiful and elegant.


Honoring Confederate soldiers.





A 1920’s vintage Ford Model-T and a 1908 Cadillac honor the role of transportation in the development of Greensboro.







A poignant exhibit, the inflight manual of Sandy Bradshaw, a Greensboro resident who was a flight attendant on the ill-fated United Flight 93 on 9/11/2001.

And, there is so much more to see – for free. Make your plans to ramble out to the Greensboro History Museum. As you do, make sure you are driving a safe, well-maintained vehicle.

Your Defensive Driving Tip for the Week

Handling Tailgaters. Space is important, it gives you time to react. We should keep a safe space between us and the car ahead of us, and that is your responsibility. In previous tips, I suggested using the 2 second rule. But, what do you do when someone pulls right up on to your rear bumper? As tempting as it is to slam on your brakes – what we call brake-checking – but, that clearly is not the best alternative. But, you clearly cannot allow someone to ride your rear bumper. The first thing to do is to slow down and make sure you have just that much more space in front of your vehicle. If there is space to let the tailgater get around you, slow down and let him go around. Use your 4-way flashers to get their attention, which will normally get them to back off. When they do, turn off your flashers and continue on. If they pull up on you again, try the 4-ways again. If that doesn’t work, clearly they are not going to back off. Slow down and find a way to let them get around you.

Until my next post, here’s wishing you…Safe Rambling!