Rocky interviews Ryan Barber and Dr. Alex Hastings about what the Virginia Museum on Natural History (VMNH) has to offer fellow ramblers!

Below, you’ll find other links and information to make your visit to the VMNH more fulfilling.


If you want to rent the museum for a special event or want to arrange a special tour, contact the VMNH by e:mail to  or by phone 276-634-4150

Click here if you would like information about VMNH Membership.

Take every opportunity to get out and do your own rambling: explore the many places to go, things to do and events to attend – many of which are right in your back yard! And, as you do, make sure that you are driving a safe, well-maintained vehicle!

This week’s Defensive Driving Tip

Put your phone down and drive. Remember that you are driving a 2-ton deadly weapon. Hazards can appear in seconds, and it takes all of your attention to react to them in order to avoid an accident.

We all know that distracted driving has killed many people. But, it takes every driving making the conscious and continuous decision to keep our hands, eyes and minds fully focused on driving.

And, as always, make sure you are driving a safe, well-maintained vehicle as you go about your own Ramblings.

Here’s some fun I had when I visited the VMNH:

As I entered the Main Exhibit Hall, I had a chance to chat with the VMNH Director, Joe Keiper.

And, then I settled in to recording for the show.

After the shoot, I got to shake hands with a Polar Bear.

And, I was even able to do a little fishing (didn’t catch anything…)
(just kidding…)

Until my next posting, here’s wishing you SAFE RAMBLING!