This episode is a follow-up to the episode recorded in mid-May of 2017 at the National D-Day Memorial. It is excerpted directly from the ceremony, without commentary and without interruption.  Below, you will find the keynote speech by Cpt. Jerry Yellin, given that I could not cover the entire speech in a half-hour episode.

Cpt Jerry Yellin (Ret) Keynote Speech, unedited.

These special commemorations are important to remember the true cost of freedoms. I hope that you will ramble out to attend these events.

When you do, make sure you re driving a safe, well-maintained vehicle.

Your defensive driving tip for this week is to make you’ve had plenty of sleep before getting behind the wheel of your car – make sure you are fully alert. If you find yourself getting sleepy while driving, pull over, take a power nap, go for a walk – something to ‘shake out the cobwebs’ before you continue.

Until my next post, here’s wishing you…Safe Rambling!