This week’s show was a real treat to record, chatting with Centre Director Mary Jordan about what’s going on at the Spencer Penn Centre. As you watch this show, the music that I announced would be before the first break ended up at the end of the show. But, never fear, because I’ve also included a few songs from that night below the show link.

If you have not been to the 2nd Friday Music Night at the Spencer Penn Centre, you really need to take that in. They provide food so you can make a whole evening of it!

For More Information about the Centre, go to their website:
Spencer Penn Centre, Henry County, Virginia

Or contact them directly at:
Telephone: 276.957.5757

Click here for more information about the Pig Cooking Contest coming up in April. See ya there!

Now that music I promised you. These were recorded live at the Spencer Penn Centre where everyone was having fun, which was the whole idea. So, there is some background ‘noise’.

This first song is by The Courtney Rorrer Band

Below is a song by Jason Harris & Friends.

Pay particular attention to the young Mandolin player, Nick Goad from Stuart, Virginia. He was the winning Mandolin player, as well as the Best All Around Performer at the 2013 ‘Old Fiddlers Convention‘ in Galax, Virginia. He is now a professional Mandolin player for the Jeff Brown & Still Lonesome Band, but happened to be home the weekend that Jason Harris & Friends were scheduled to play at Spencer Penn Centre.

In addition to music programs, classes, special events, and all of the things that Mary Jordan discussed in my interview with her, the building is also a tremendous asset to the community. The sense of history, evidenced by dedication plaques and murals throughout the facility are worth seeing firsthand. I’ll close this posting with pictures from my tour through the building as part of putting this show together.

Defensive Driving Tip of the Week:

No matter the weather you’re driving in, make sure that all of your windows are clear. In the winter season, clear your windows completely of snow and ice on the outside. And, make sure that all of your windows are clear of fog and ice on the inside.

We’ve all seen drivers who have cleared just enough of the windshield to be able to peer through – and otherwise have no idea what’s going on around their car. Remember, the window you can’t see through may be the one that brings you a surprise you won’t like.

And, as always, make sure you are driving a safe, well-maintained vehicle as you go about your own Ramblings.

Murals and Plaques Inside The Spencer Penn Centre