Many have watched and waited for the re-construction of the entrance bridge into Jamison Mill Park and Philpott Lake in Franklin County, Virginia. So, how’s it going? Well, here’s a special report looking at that effort.

There is much to celebrate about this project. First, IT IS FINISHED, and it is done right! Wow, what a beautiful new bridge!

Second, Jamison Mill Park is finally re-opening, hopefully by Memorial Day.

Third, the park will be opening as a Franklin County Park, instead of a  US Army Corps of Engineers Park. That lease agreement has been under negotiation for the last 6 months. Having a County presence within the Federal footprint is a great thing; this park and the Henry County operated Philpott Marina, make clear that there is a local stake in what happens on what has here-to-fore been solely federal management.

To follow the development of the County efforts to re-open the park, here is link: Franklin County Parks.  However, as of now, there is no reference to Jamison Mill Park on the County site, yet, as the lease is still not finalized. If I hear something, I’ll share it in future posts.

Well, that’s my special report on the status of Jamison Mill Park on Philpott Lake. I hope you enjoyed it.

As always, let me encourage you to get out and do your own rambling; explore the many places to go, things to do and events to attend – many of them right in your back yard.

As you do so, let me also encourage you to make sure you are driving a safe, well-maintained vehicle.