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Rocky’s Ramblings Christian Discipleship Course

GREETINGS! I am thrilled to welcome you to my ministry website to learn more about what it means to be a Christian. Whether you are a new Christian, have been a Christian for some time, or someone thinking about God’s invitation to accept Jesus Christ, the daily lessons of this course will give you a firm understanding of Christianity. If you are interested in leading a group through this course, please see the note below.

YOU ARE WELCOME TO DOWNLOAD THE COURSE FREE OF CHARGE. I have included a donation button below the course download buttons – but, donating is not required. All of the money donated through this portal, minus the GoFundMe and money transfer fees, will be given to foreign ministries that are not large enough to garner the funding assistance of international missions organizations – more on that below.

Now let’s get started! You will notice two download buttons. If you right click on the button and then choose ‘Open Link in New Tab’, this window will be remain open while the link opens for you in another tab. You can then download the course.

The first button is labeled INTERNET PDF. It is formatted to run on a smartphone, tablet or computer, and will allow you to click on links that will take you directly to Bible passages, articles, etc.

The second is labeled PRINTABLE COPY. If you do not have a smartphone or tablet that you can keep with you, the printable copy has been formatted to print on standard letter-size paper (8.5″ x 11″). I’ll warn you ahead of time that it will print out on 143 pages, so printing double-sided will save you a lot of paper. Of course, you will not have direct internet access to the linked items. So, you will need to have a Bible at your side.

LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR: I have written this in English. But, through the wonders of the internet, you can put it through this translator to translate it into your language. Just download whichever copy fits your needs and then come back to this translator:

DONATIONS: The ministries I hope you will help me support are small ministries around the world that have found my teachings and use them in their ministries. Along the way, I have become aware of the tremendous needs of such ministries, and the difficulties they have getting help. I will keep an anonymous running account below, so that you can see where your money is going.

OUR PRIMARY TEXT: You will see in the introduction to the course that it is based on The Christian Life New Testament with Master Outlines & Study Notes (ISBN 9780840721785) available from a number of retail outlets. Use the button below to find one for yourself.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN TEACHING YOUR OWN SESSION: Let me suggest that you keep it simple. Direct your group to this website so that they can download the course. Then, encourage them to go through the lessons, one each day, and get the group together once a week to discuss the 7 lessons of the previous week (perhaps over coffee and dessert). As your students get through the first two sections of the course, start encouraging them to get out and share what they are learning through their own personal evangelism. That’s the key that unlocks the door to the multiplication that Jesus taught His disciples! If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to discuss moving forward, please contact me at RockysRamblings@gmail.com. I would also love to hear your success stories and the creative ways that you are using this course.