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Rocky’s Ramblings Christian Discipleship COURSE & Discussion sessions

Welcome to what I hope will be a very rewarding study on the basics of our Christian faith, whether or not you are a new Christian.

I am Reverend Rocky Rockwell, the host and facilitator for this class.

Let me begin by stressing that the heart of this course is the daily devotion-style lessons that should take you only 5-10 minutes a day, realizing that we’re all busy people and it’s difficult to commit to hours of study at any one time. But, if you’ll commit 5-10 minutes to read one lesson every day, you’re understanding of life in Christ will blossom.

Your first step is to download your own copy of the course. Click here:


The site will automatically open and download a copy for you to save wherever you can access it for your daily lesson (by clicking on the arrow pointing down to what looks like an inbox).

Current Discipleship Discussion Sessions
Tuesday evenings 7:00 p.m.  (EDT)

Put it on your calendar and stick with it to develop a habit of signing in weekly – they will be the same time every Tuesday throughout the course, which will last 12 weeks.

I would appreciate if you would send me your contact information so that I can stay in touch with you.

Click here to join the sessions at the designated time:

Christian Discipleship Discussion Session

If the discussion has not started yet, there will be a banner letting you know that I am already signed in, just waiting for the time to start.

My e:mail address is RockysRamblings@gmail.com. Keep it handy and contact me anytime you have a question about the course or about your personal walk with Jesus.

All discussions will be conducted in English, at least until we get some facilitators with other language skills (which would be great).

We will be using Hi.TV, the internet meeting space for Epik Co., which is free, easy to use, and fully encrypted for the safety of everyone in the ‘eClassrooms’.

The first time you join the discussion session on your computer, smartphone or tablet, you may be asked to download Jitsi Meet, a free app. (Some devices will allow you to go directly to the class via the internet link; others go through the app.) Just follow the directions on your device.

Make sure you activate both video and audio as you join. If you are having difficulty getting in to the eClassroom, send me a quick e:mail and we’ll figure it out together.

As our primary text, we will be using the outline in The Christian Life New Testament with Master Outlines & Study Notes. I encourage you to click on this link to find a copy for yourself.

If you have just found this and it is past the date of the introductory session, please contact me at RockysRamblings@gmail.com and I’ll find a way to get you caught up to the class; or if there are enough in the same situation, I’ll just start another section.

More sections will be added as time goes by. Please contact me with suggested schedules that would be convenient for you.

If you are interested in facilitating your own classes, please contact me. I would love to see this course multiply. It would be great to get this course going in a number of languages! Think about it and contact me.

Rocky’s Ramblings Christian Discipleship Course

GREETINGS! Welcome to my ministry website, where I hope your desire is to learn more about what it means to be a Christian. Whether you are a new Christian, have been a Christian for some time, or someone thinking about God’s invitation to accept Jesus Christ, the daily lessons of this course will give you a firm understanding of Christianity. If you are interested in leading a group through this course, please see the note below.

YOU ARE WELCOME TO DOWNLOAD AND STUDY THE COURSE FREE OF CHARGE or use it to teach your own discipleship class (more on that below).

Now let’s get started! You will notice two download buttons. Choose ‘whichever meets your needs.

The first button is labeled INTERNET PDF. It is formatted to run on a smartphone, tablet or computer, and will allow you to click on links that will take you directly to Bible passages, articles, and such.

The second is labeled PRINTABLE COPY. If you do not have a smartphone or tablet that you can keep with you, the printable copy has been formatted to print on standard letter-size paper (8.5″ x 11″). I’ll warn you ahead of time that it will print out on 143 pages, so printing double-sided will save you a lot of paper. Of course, you will not have direct internet access to the linked items. So, you will need to have a Bible at your side.

LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR: I have written this in English. But, through the wonders of the internet, you can put it through this translator to translate it into your language. Just download whichever copy fits your needs and then come back to this translator:

OUR PRIMARY TEXT: You will see in the introduction to the course that it is based on The Christian Life New Testament with Master Outlines & Study Notes (ISBN 9780840721785) available from a number of retail outlets. Use the button below to find one for yourself.


I have a discussion guide for you should you desire to use this course to teach your own discipleship class – which I highly recommend as part of our Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20)

Let me suggest that you keep it simple. Direct your group to this website so that they can download the course. Then, encourage them to go through the lessons, one each day, and get the group together once a week to discuss the 7 lessons of the previous week (perhaps over coffee and dessert). As your students get through the first two sections of the course, start encouraging them to get out and share what they are learning through their own personal evangelism. That’s the key that unlocks the door to the multiplication that Jesus taught His disciples! If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to discuss moving forward, please contact me at RockysRamblings@gmail.com. I would also love to hear your success stories and the creative ways that you are using this course.