This was a fun show to record, talking with Clyde about the County’s park system and all the activities going on in Patrick County. That led to a special treat, chatting with Patty Hazelwood about the park that her family and two other families allow the community to use for special events.

Click here for More Information:

Patrick County Parks and Recreation.

A list of Parks in Patrick County.

Activities at Wayside Park.

Phone numbers for:

Reservation of Shelters in Patrick County Parks – 276-694-3917.

Events at Wayside Park – Patty Hazelwood – (276) 692-4149.

Defensive Driving Tip For This Week:

As you approach an intersection, if the light turns yellow and you CAN stop safely, do so. If you’re running a light that is yellow – maybe turning to red, you are focused on getting through, not on what else might be happening in the intersection. There may be someone jumping the gun from one of the other directions.

And, as always, make sure you are driving a safe, well-maintained vehicle to do your own Rambling!